undercity for interviú magazine

The Spanish  journalism magazine publish my work on poverty and social exclusion:

Spain has difficulties to maintain social balance, a quarter of population are suffering some kind of exclusion, some people are forced to live on the streets aided by social assistance and charity.

Since NGO estimate that in our country at least 40,000 people are homeless, and 1.5 million of families are living in substandard houses. In the European Union only Latvia have higer inequality indicators; the relationship between profit that accumulates the 20% richest and the 20% poorest has grown over 30% in last years. The Development Foundation for Social Research and Applied Sociology warns that inequality indicators are very stable over time so the situation is in danger of extended to become chronic. Social exclusion is a problem that runs silent across the cities of our world. Unglamorous and large stigmatized, an unknown and uncomfortable matter wich thousand battles being waged, every day and every night.



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